Cold-Formed Steel Fabrication Packet

At AMO, Cold-Formed Steel is our specialty. We will design your entire project top-to-bottom with CFS. This can include Floor joists, Walls, Trusses, Parapets, Ceiling Panels, and more. In some cases we can even offer fabrication services.

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Our Process

Dimensional Validation Set

Our first step is to take the Architectural drawings and create an entirely new 3D model inside of Revit. This allows us to keep 100% accuracy when it comes to the transition of design to fabrication. In this step, all layout dimensions and opening sizes are confirmed before continuing on to engineering.

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Full set of Structural Sheets

At AMO we take pride in keeping our Structural Sheet sets as readable as possible. Every project gets full scope engineering analysis according to the 2006 IBC. We analyze for loading, shear, and foundation stress. We can engineer projects in any state inside the U.S. and sometimes even in areas outside of the U.S. as well.

Ready for Fabrication

After the full set of Structural Sheets are finalized and stamped, we begin framing every panel and truss inside the project. With the use of a Howick Roll-former machine, each pre-fabricated panel can be custom printed and assembled either on location or in a warehouse before being shipped to site. They can then easily be erected on site by any team.


100% Fully Customized Panelization